Sources of Inspiration

By Megan Park

AUTUMN WINTER | 2000 - Stitch by stitch 


I remember foraging the Parisian flea market of Porte de Clignancourt, which was always a place of endless inspiration to me, and discovering a cloak - perhaps from Eastern Europe.  Moth-eaten and a little musty, it became the inspiration for Autumn Winter 2000.

I researched and reimagined embroideries of Romanian gypsy folklore, and created embroideries that I still think are works of art for the complexity of the stitchwork, each piece taking weeks and months to create. People ask 'Is it done by hand?' to which I reply that it can only be done by hand. Never can a machine mimic the beauty of an embroidery created by hand.

SPRING SUMMER | 2001 - Margherita Gardella


Ethereal and fragile, Spring Summer 2001 was dusted in soft muddy pastels and gave a nod to the 1920s. Margherita Gardella, the iconic fashion director of Harpers & Queen, had always championed me and for this collection, her sublime styling came into play. 

Still, it is one of my favourite shoots of all time. Silk ribbons were embroidered into delicate floral tendrils and Japanese seed beads created intricate embellishments that resonated with the 1920s from which I drew inspiration.  

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  • I thankfully have some tops and skirts from the Fall/Winter 2000 and absolutely love the embroidery and beadwork is exquisite! Please create this line again or, influenced by it!! I loved the Spring/Summer 2001 line, too! I have pieces from other seasons, too but, many that i want lately aren’t available to US buyers on your website, unfortunately. Please reconsider the policy of unavailable items to US buyers on your website. Also, please list the pricing according to the country’s currency with a tab to make your selection. Thanks for creating wearable art!

    Christine Brusseau on

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