London Fashion Week - and beyond

By Megan Park

AUTUMN WINTER | 1999 - London Fashion week


Recognising that my business perhaps had legs beyond a season or two, I took a major step towards financing and showcasing my Autumn Winter 1999 collection at London Fashion Week.


It went off with a bang and it also afforded me the opportunity to meet the formidable and influential force of Ms Ellen Carey.  A slip of a woman with an unmatched sense of style and energy she has showcased my collection in the USA since this first meeting via the magic of her showroom-cum-gallery-space, Seedhouse.



From a Soho loft to a brownstone in Tribeca, to a chic penthouse in the Upper West Side and now from a glass atrium in the Lower East, Ellen has nurtured and guided my trajectory in the States for the past 19+ years. She is my muse, mentor and big sister all rolled into one.


SPRING SUMMER | 2000 - Mrs Burstein


Summer 2000 had me traveling first class on British Airways (the first and only time!!) at the invitation of the British Fashion Council to showcase my collection in Hong Kong. It was the first time I had seen my collection on the runway, yet in truth, it didn't translate so well. As Mrs Burstein, the owner of Browns boutique in London, once reassured me "Your collection needs to be touched and seen close rather than at a distance, Megan". It's advice I have always remembered as perhaps rather than designing for the runway I have always designed for the women who choose to inhabit our clothes. 

This collection incorporated Phool Patti embroidery, individual leaves of organdy cut by hand and deftly folded as if origami to create each geometrical petal before attaching with tiny hand stitches to the cloth.





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  • OMG… I grabbed this silver raffia embroidered skirt just this morning and thought, I love this skirt, I am so glad I still have it, it’s beautiful!
    My younger 20 year old nieces are now discovering these heirlooms in my closet and falling in love with them 21 years later! Thank you Megan for the joy & memories! Xo – danielle

    Danielle Vigliotti on

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