Quintessentially English, its love actually

By Megan Park

AUTUMN WINTER | 2002 - Its love, actually  


"Quintessentially English and shot in a rambling house in West London our Autumn Winter 2002 collection of hand-dyed chenille yarns, screen-printed florals and paisleys summoned the gypsy boho essence of this time. Our coat from this season became known as the 'Love Actually' coat as worn by Laura Linney in the romcom film of the same name. For years ahead we had the boutiques begging for us to again make the 'Love Actually' coat."   


SPRING SUMMER | 2003 - Individual works of art 


"For Spring Summer 2003 we travelled to Lucknow, a town located in the north of India, to work with the highly skilled karigars (embroiderers) whose hands specialise in creating the Chikankari and metallic Badla embroideries of this region. Production was endless for this collection, as the intricate embroideries, which are done on the karigars' laps and from their homes, seemed to have no end. Each piece could take a single person more than a month to create. Some of my favourite pieces of all time come from this collection, as each piece was genuinely a work of art showcasing the beauty of the artisans' work."  


  • HI Is there any way you are going to possibly remake this love actually coat as I really want one? – its just beautiful.

    Fiona May on

  • just plain beautiful!

    Kayw on

  • Congratulations on 21 years Megan Park. I still have this stunning coat and receive wonderful comments every time I wear it. I am loving reading the blog by the way – such amazing stories, thank you for sharing. x

    Carol Vincent on

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