MP Archive | One of a kind - Single edition pieces

By Anthony Cox

MP Archive | One of a kind - Single edition pieces 


It’s with much excitement and a touch of joyful nostalgia that over the coming months I will present for sale the weekly edit of my archive -   a collection of one-of-a-kind, special edition pieces spanning the 23 years of my label to date.

The pause of 2020 has given me the space to reflect on what really are my passions and the ethos of my brand, as well as the time to dive deep into my archives.

I’ve found myself revisiting the story of my brand through my archive, like thumbing through chapters in a book, one collection at a time, and am inspired to share that story with you through a new project, MEGAN PARK ARCHIVE.

These pieces should be out in the world, to be worn and adored by our beautiful MEGAN PARK customers - rather than hanging quietly, preserved pristinely in my studio.  They are pieces that are indicative of their time, yet just as relevant today.  That’s 23 years x 300 styles a year spanning ready to wear, home, girl, jewellery and accessories. 

And so at this time, rather than rolling into another seasonal collection, you will instead be witnessing my archival reveal – both in store and online.  I am incredibly proud to have remained loyal to creating timeless artisanal pieces that transcend seasons to become collectables within your wardrobes. 

 I am thankful to our team of Indian artists, embroidery kurigers and jewellers whose incredible talents have inspired the signature of my label.  The release of our archive celebrates the heritage of their skills and our long history of collaborative creativity together in the past and into the future. 

Through the opening up of my archive, there will be pieces that will inspire me for a new collection in time to come, in some form or another, and for which I am yet to define.  What I do know is that I certainly have a whole lot of beauty to share and hope you will be as excited by this as I am.  Thanks for being part of this journey with me.


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