Birthplace ties and floral chesterfields

By Megan Park

Autumn Winter | 2008 


"Having left London three years earlier (in 2005) to relocate to Melbourne, my ties back to the birthplace of my collection were still strong.  Perhaps I was reluctant to let go entirely:  I maintained an office and staff to take care of all except design. This was the final collection to be shot in London for quite some time, and as such, it held a dramatic and rich elegance. Lapis lazuli and rough-cut quartz were embroidered into necklines, braids and motifs were hand-crocheted firstly before being couched down onto felted wools, sequins were stacked and stitched into complicated mosaics adding rich depth to the embellishments of the season."    







Spring Summer | 2009


"Floral chesterfields, bikes and sun lounges were hiked across sand dunes for this shoot. Embracing the light, the sky and beauty of the Australian landscape, this shoot amongst the dunes of a Sydney beach were to speak loudly and proudly of the new Aussie home of MP.  There is an unabashed optimism in this collection that resonates with my happiness of running my business from Australia. The fantail dress of this collection was snapped on both Claudia Schiffer and Queen Letizia of Spain, both embodying the relaxed Aussie vibe of this collection."










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