Goodbye London - Hello Melbourne

By Megan Park

AUTUMN WINTER | 2004 - Fake snow to Fitzroy cool 


"One final collection before heading back to relocate in Australia after living in Old Blighty for 13 years. We shot the Winter 2004 collection in London but with fake snow sprayed onto the set to summon the quiet chill of a Vermeer painting. I tarnished bullet pipes of metal in acid to create encrusted Jacobean paisleys and hand-dyed woollen yarns that work over printed corduroys". 


SPRING SUMMER | 2005 - Home sweet home 


"Goodbye to cold grey London ... hello Melbourne! After living in London for the past 13 years, I was happily now back home. With my team still operating and running my office in London, I had relocated myself to Fitzroy. I created this collection from my new Melbourne base yet was still travelling endlessly back to London for the next few years while transitioning this move. While it was not the fashion hub of the world, Melbourne had undeniably moved on in every sense from what I had left years before. I was overwhelmingly happy to be living back in the positive and energetic Aussie culture which was no longer a design/fashion backwater".


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