In the hills of India in 1995, Megan Park and artist, Pascal Cerchi, formed a lifelong friendship.

Megan had been creating embroidered and embellished textiles for some of the world’s most renowned brands, such as Kenzo and Dries van Noten.  She confided in Pascal that her dream was to start her own business with some wraps and scarves, but wondered who would buy her beautiful creations.  Pascal, a Paris-born sculptor, was so enthusiastic about Megan’s chance of success with her scarves, he stayed up all night creating a book of funny, quirky and downright bizarre reasons why all women should want a scarf from Megan Park.

Megan has kept and treasured this book Le Histoires de Shawls for the past 20 years.  First presented as a story alongside the Winter 13 collection this presentation, ‘part deux’ shows more of the quirky and bizarre quotes from the same book that were not included last time, along with a few favourites that just have to be seen again.

Jump online to buy a piece of MP history as we release some of these amazing shawls, scarves and wraps via our archive collection in 2021.